Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Work and Lunch

So going back to work has been pretty good.  I'm still trying to remember everything I'm supposed to do after being out for 2 and half months.  Luckily I left really good notes for my backup, which I am now using!  As for my job being discontinued later this year I have applied for a position at another store, and have several leads for jobs outside the company.  I think I'll be okay, but most likely will have a drop in income.
Now for the lunch!  Last August I was visiting my sister in New England and one of her favorite past times is yard sale-ing.  We hit up several while I was there, my best find was a laptop lunch system for $1, these usually run for at least $20.  Now it is the old style, but hey it was a buck!  So for the 2 days I've been back at work I've made my lunch the night before and put it into the lunch box.  I must say I find it more fun to have this Obento style box than a regular lunch bag.  I'm not the most creative with it but hope to find lots of ideas I can replicate online.  If I find I like it a lot I may invest in the 2.0 system.

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