Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today is my last day before I return to work.  I am making sure to get lots of snuggles in with H and L.  I haven't been away from H for more than a few hours so far.  I hope we both do well. 
Lately I've been rereading the book French Women Don't Get Fat, one of the main points the author talks about is enjoyment being increased by savoring what you have.  She talks about the first few bites of the meal being the best.  I wonder if my first few snuggles back from my first day of work will be more fulfilling than my all day snuggles of today.  One does need to learn to balance.  It will be an adjustment being a full time worker and mother of two.  Probably about the time I get it under control it will be September 30th and I'll be out of a job.  Must be positive, must be positive!  Everything will work out, this doesn't mean I can sit back, but everything will work out.  That will be my mantra.  Tuesday is the meeting where I find out the specifics about my layoff.  As my husband said, it could be worse, there could have just been no job to return to.

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