Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know what made me think of this as L and I were staring out the window at the winter wonderland, but I did.  Many years ago I went to buy some shoes at Payless.  At this time in my life I made very little money, about $6.50 an hour.  It was barely enough to pay rent and bills, let alone luxury items like new shoes.  So going shopping for these shoes was a large expense for me.  The salesman wasn't very nice and kept making comments like why was I slumming in his shoe store?  Shouldn't I be buying shoes somewhere a little more upscale?  I would have left, but it was the only Payless around that I knew of, and as noted I couldn't afford much more.  I don't remember what shoes I had on that day, but I remember I was wearing a purple cotton tank top, the kind with a built in bra, I'd bought it at least 3 years previous, and a pair of navy blue gauchos from the thrift store.  I don't know why that man was so rude, I don't know what about me made me appear to have more money than he thought his customers should have, I also don't know why he didn't want the sale... but I wonder how often I've thought the wrong thing about someone.  Perhaps this almost decade old memory on this quiet wintry spring day is to help remind me that most things are not how they first appear.  Everything is seen through your own lens, and only darkly at first.  I need to remember to be open, and patient.  A good thing to keep in mind as I return to work next week.

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