Monday, May 30, 2011

Settling In

There is still so much to be done.  I guess it's been so long since I've really moved that I forgot how hard it is to unpack and find a new place for everything.  My last kitchen felt small being a galley style, but it had plenty of cabinets to store everything (not to mention the second kitchen in the finished basement that fit the overflow).  I am having to decide what will be repacked and what will remain out. 
So here are my objectives:
1. Finish organizing the kitchen and actually buy groceries!
2. Get the boxes out of the living room so the majority of the house can be kid friendly again.
3. Do something about the awful spindle wall thing that seperates the bathroom from the master bedroom.

Even though so much stuff is still packed, and some furniture still needs assembling, it feels like home.  There was something about this house from the first time I saw it, it just felt right.  Of course it's not perfect, nothing is nor should it be.  If everything was perfect there would be no projects, and us creative types, well for us there is nothing better than a project!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mission Accomplished

We packed up most of our stuff in September, so in other words I can't remember where anything is.  We needed coffee mugs, and the husband refused soup bowls as a viable option, even though I insisted they were cappuccino mugs.  So I found these tea cups.  I think they were meant to be purely decorative... Oh well.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calm in the Storm

Sometimes the simple act of quietly eating raisans is just what a Mama needs.  My sweet boy has been testing limits heavily lately.  And just when I thought I was going to break,  well he gives me a break.  Ah, behold the power of snack time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am in the midst of moving, so posts will be sporadic for a while.  I moved a lot of my craft room, but don't worry I kept out a few projects!  I am also rediscovering how much stuff we really do have.  It's crazy.  I think I need to focus on what is really needed and what just collects dust.  My hope (even though sometimes I am seduced by large spaces) is to keep moving down.  Have you seen the adorable houses that Tumbleweed Tiny House Company makes?  Ah!  I want one of these, think of space uses for RVs or house boats.  And then make the out of doors your main room.  I know silly thoughts for a woman with small children, but everyone needs a dream, or four or five.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Stencil in Use

I am working on another Alabama Chanin inspired skirt.  Once again I traced my trusty a line skirt for a pattern.  This time I have an olive green shirt for the top layer and a brown shirt for the bottom layer (just so happens the brown tshirt was organic, and wouldn't you rather have the organic cotton next to your skin?).  Having two full layers makes it easier to do the reverse applique.  I am going to do red or maroon applique for the apples and also finish all the leaves with sequins.  I am hoping to have 4 trees, two on each side of the skirt, but we will see how long my patience holds out.  I know I will wear the skirt before I finish it.  I think this may be a skirt year.  I am angry right now with all my pants for not looking the way I feel they should.  Skirts feel more forgiving, and seeing as how I now live in Texas and own 2 pairs of shorts, the skirts may get a lot of use in the coming months!  I think my next skirt will need to be a sewing machine/hand cooperative project.  Take all my too small shirts and make a patchwork skirt!  Ideas are brewing...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clothes Hangers

With our moving imminent I realized my children would have their own closest for the first time ever.  In our last house the closet in the kids room was used for my husband's clothes as the closets were tiny!  In my inlaws house the closet in their room is used as storage for Christmas things.  So with a closet comes the need for clothes hangers.  I was thinking about getting wood, since I have wood and I hate plastic and wire... Don't know why just discovered a hatred for them in high school.  But then I started looking for kids hangers, and discovered these.  So when I am done with them I can just recycle them!  So easy, so nice and "No Wire Hangers!"

Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been lost in a flurry of True Blood and rental house hunting.  But now I'm back with a new stencil all my own.  I'm horrible at drawing, but luckily for me stencils don't need much detail.  I'll be using this in every way I can.  I didn't spend all that time with an xacto blade to just use this thing once!

Friday, May 06, 2011


My first pair of socks finished!  Well, they still need to be blocked.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I haven't been feeling much like sewing lately.  I was really getting into a good groove, and now...  Well my craft room is the former formal living room.  It is open to the downstairs, so whatever anyone is watching on TV I can hear.  Usually when I craft I like to be surrounded by things that inspire me, or keep me happy.  Having the background sounds being shows I don't watch has been getting to me lately.  I've been holing up in my room with crafts that don't require an iron or a sewing machine.
So the search is on for a new space!  Not just for my crafting but for all four of my little family.  Wish us luck!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Cold Weather

I have come to realize, I may not like it but I love it, kinda like family.  I'm not a big fan of winter sports, and usually during the winter in Denver I huddled inside.  But now that I don't really have my cold weather, I miss it, like an ache.  I remember a similar thing happened the last time I moved to Texas.  Today is rainy and cool, tommorrow the high is 54 and I'm excited!  Time to pull out some long sleeves!  Maybe some tights?  Who knows when I'll be able to wear them again.  Hope you are enjoying your May Day!