Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My little girl is 10 months now, and she loves to copy everyone.  We had her doing evil Bwa ha ha laughs yesterday!  I just can't wait until she can really talk and I can know what's going on inside her little mind.  My son is always saying silly things and helping me see the world in a new way.  Right now I am just enjoying her arm waiving and vocalizations, plus trying to figure out what we can have for dinner that she can share in fully.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I recently received the December issue of Whole Living magazine, and there is an article about giving that really connected with me.  There is one quote in particular "Generosity is a way of telling the subconscious: I already have enough."  I really feel this is something I need to work on in my life.   I've never been a very generous person, I'm very prone to writing budgets and worrying about having enough.  Yet, I've never been without enough.  I think being more proactive about giving could give me more peace of mind about where I am now. Selfish reason to give?  Perhaps, but whatever the motivation I can spare some for others.