Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Alabama Skirt

I am still working on my beaded skirt, and probably will be for at least a year to come, I am very slow at beading, and it's not exactly a child friendly craft, all those tiny beads, the sharp needle and all.  I did start on another skirt inspired by the bloomers skirt in The Alabama Stitch Book.  I used the bloomers stencil that comes with the book.  I used an extra large t-shirt (I work for a company that loves to give away shirts, they also always end up with only extra larges by the time I get mine...), I traced a skirt that I love and then sewed a felled seam by hand as instructed in the above mentioned book!  I used the reverse applique method, but instead of having two layers (like the book instructs) my yellow t-shirt was not wide enough so I just cut out pieces for the reverse applique (see photo).  I still have one more stencil to sew and cut, but I'm pretty happy with it!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sock Update

I think I'm really liking this sock thing.  The first sock kept me needle bound straight through.  I found it interesting to watch it take shape, it was a totally new knitting experience for me!  The second sock though... I'm finding tougher to work on, because it's not new, I've already made one, and there are so many other projects calling to me.  I am good at eventually finishing projects, there are very few that remain completely unfinished.  I'm just really into sewing right now, hand sewing ala Alabama Chanin, but more on that later.  Please forgive my terrible photography, but here are the socks right now: