Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Alabama Skirt

I am still working on my beaded skirt, and probably will be for at least a year to come, I am very slow at beading, and it's not exactly a child friendly craft, all those tiny beads, the sharp needle and all.  I did start on another skirt inspired by the bloomers skirt in The Alabama Stitch Book.  I used the bloomers stencil that comes with the book.  I used an extra large t-shirt (I work for a company that loves to give away shirts, they also always end up with only extra larges by the time I get mine...), I traced a skirt that I love and then sewed a felled seam by hand as instructed in the above mentioned book!  I used the reverse applique method, but instead of having two layers (like the book instructs) my yellow t-shirt was not wide enough so I just cut out pieces for the reverse applique (see photo).  I still have one more stencil to sew and cut, but I'm pretty happy with it!

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