Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Time

So December in Texas is not what I remember Christmas time being like as a kid in Vermont, or even more recently Christmas time in Denver.  But for my son and daughter the lights and the decorations are magical.  They aren't going to grow up with the snow and the heavy coats and boots, but the magic still exists.  One year when they're older I'll make sure they get a New England Christmas, but just because things may feel a bit off for this Mama doesn't mean her kids will feel anything less than the wonder of childhood.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


I know it's another month before the new year, but there's nothing wrong with getting your resolutions written down.  I know I won't be able to pay off all my debt in a year, but I can sure try!  So here they are written down where I can see them anytime I want:
     1. Do not buy anything unnecessary.
     2. If I do need something wait a month before buying it (exceptions being gasoline, food & the like).
          During this month ask:   Is there somewhere I could have use of this item for free?  Do I already own something that can work for this?  Ask other people if they have this item and do not want it or are willing to trade? Do not discount the power of networking!
     3. If I do buy something it must be used or bought from an independent business.
     4. Make my lunch for work, everyday.
So there they are, written down.  And I intend to start now to make it easier in the future, okay yes there is Christmas and birthdays but I am going to bring my lunch everyday to work.  In fact I am going to make a sandwich now and put it in the fridge.  See?  I'm already doing much better.
Maybe this is too strict, we'll see but I want to make myself realize how much I really do already have, and how very little one really needs.  I'm sure I'll fail sometimes, but I will keep going.  Just cheer me on a little, encouragement is a powerful tool for success.  So go me! Go!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

New Town

So it's been just 2 months now since I moved from Colorado to Texas.  I know, it seems like an odd move, but there it is.  I still have no idea what's really around neat little places, but last night I went to a place I think I am going to love.  It's called Mozart's Bakery and it's in Plano my new town.  They have bubble tea and all kinds of yummy baked goods.  On Friday nights there is a knitting and crocheting group that meets there, that's how I found it.  It was pretty quiet so I think they need my business.  If I needed a place to study I'd go there, or a place to meet up with a friend, or just a place to get some dessert.  I wonder what other gems are hiding in the strip malls around here?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Love at First Stitch or Destiny

Whatever you call it I would like a dose of it. I want to find my true calling. I want to find that one thing that makes me want to, no need to get up in the morning. I'm sick of reading about other people's aha moments. Like the woman who learned how to knit and 3 days later sold her first sweater, or the one who decided to make a doll for her niece and just felt this amazing connection, or the one who took apart a t shirt and found her life's calling in deconstructed clothing. I just want to find what makes me just say yes this is what I was created for...this is my passion and my meaning. I guess grandma Moses waited a long time to pick up a paint brush I only hope I find mine earlier.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I don't have much time for my crafting these days,  I'm still trying to find a family rhythm after the move.  I do however have time to think while tickling babies and picking up O cereal from the floor.  Sometimes you find inspiration in odd places, and this time for me it was from an episode of CSI from a couple weeks ago.  It was the episode about hoarding.  One of the characters said that life is made up of two things experiences and stuff, and the US has gone too far into thinking of stuff as making up the whole.  I mean, what do you carry with you from childhood?  What is better a wonderful memory or the actual bear you slept with as a child?  I've been called rather nonsentimental before... but I'd rather my children grow up knowing I spent time with them and we stopped to smell the flowers and pick up the acorns and not that mama came home from another business trip with another toy for them.  I am making choices each day to make my childrens' and my life richer in experiences that they can never lose.