Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I don't have much time for my crafting these days,  I'm still trying to find a family rhythm after the move.  I do however have time to think while tickling babies and picking up O cereal from the floor.  Sometimes you find inspiration in odd places, and this time for me it was from an episode of CSI from a couple weeks ago.  It was the episode about hoarding.  One of the characters said that life is made up of two things experiences and stuff, and the US has gone too far into thinking of stuff as making up the whole.  I mean, what do you carry with you from childhood?  What is better a wonderful memory or the actual bear you slept with as a child?  I've been called rather nonsentimental before... but I'd rather my children grow up knowing I spent time with them and we stopped to smell the flowers and pick up the acorns and not that mama came home from another business trip with another toy for them.  I am making choices each day to make my childrens' and my life richer in experiences that they can never lose.

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