Friday, March 04, 2011

Walking in a High Speed World

I am very sad to have received the last issue of Mothering magazine, ever.   They are going to continue their website but not the magazine.  It makes me feel like the world is changing too fast, and just when I want to slow down.  I'm ready to get rid of my television (although I don't think my husband feels that way), and just listen to radio programs, but the government wants to stop funding NPR.  I'm not very fufilled with my work right now, I was thinking about going back to a bookstore, but they are all going bankrupt.   I'm just thinking a lot today, about the world I grew up in (rural Vermont) and the world my children are growing up in (suburban Texas).  It's not just the actual geographical changes, but this technology that lets us connect with family all over but keeps us inside so we don't know who lives next door. 

I guess I am once again longing for a community, and maybe that doesn't happen anymore unless one makes it.  I want to know my neighbors, I want to see people walking their dogs and know who the dogs are.  I guess I want my childhood back.

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