Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Inspiration! Where are you?

Have you heard of TOMS shoes?  They are a really great company that helps to provide shoes for underpriviledged children.  Anyway the store where I work carries them, and right now in the Dallas area they are all the rage.  You should have seen the teenage frenzy around Christmas!  But I digress.  We just received our new shipment yesterday and I helped unpack them.  Each pair comes with a flag or a bag with the TOMS logo, and being crafty I volunteered myself to make a flag for the display.  I had all these great ideas and left with a shoe box full of flags.  Then real life hit me, I played with the kids, ate dinner, cleaned up, put the kids to bed, then I went to bed.  So tonight I realized I needed to make something to give them, maybe inspiration will hit on my days off.  So here it is the marvelous display flag...  Don't worry I have plenty for when I think of something cool to do.

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