Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Stencil in Use

I am working on another Alabama Chanin inspired skirt.  Once again I traced my trusty a line skirt for a pattern.  This time I have an olive green shirt for the top layer and a brown shirt for the bottom layer (just so happens the brown tshirt was organic, and wouldn't you rather have the organic cotton next to your skin?).  Having two full layers makes it easier to do the reverse applique.  I am going to do red or maroon applique for the apples and also finish all the leaves with sequins.  I am hoping to have 4 trees, two on each side of the skirt, but we will see how long my patience holds out.  I know I will wear the skirt before I finish it.  I think this may be a skirt year.  I am angry right now with all my pants for not looking the way I feel they should.  Skirts feel more forgiving, and seeing as how I now live in Texas and own 2 pairs of shorts, the skirts may get a lot of use in the coming months!  I think my next skirt will need to be a sewing machine/hand cooperative project.  Take all my too small shirts and make a patchwork skirt!  Ideas are brewing...

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