Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Little Bit Each Day

I am really trying to stick to my budget now.  As we are no longer moving in, and all the unexpected household needs are taken care of.  Where does a garbage can disappear to I ask you?  Or a spice rack?  So now it's time to stay on track and somehow pay off what has been spent.  I find the big picture to sometimes be overwhelming, so I divide it up into little chunks.  I sat down and made a menu. Then at the store only bought food that was on my shopping list.  I am also trying to make use of what I already have on hand.  I decided frozen pizza is just silly expensive and am trying an experiment to see how homemade works.  I found this recipe for an easy dough and made it one night right before serving dinner so it would be done rising after the kidlits were down for the night.  The recipe makes 3 crusts, which makes it great because you would spend the same amount of time to make one!  I used one tonight, and the kids loved it!  My son is usually very suspicious if something looks a bit different, but I guess pizza is pizza.  For toppings I used some left over tomato paste (mixed with water, salt and italian seasoning), large pepperonis, and cheese.  It was pretty cheap, and really tasty.

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