Saturday, July 30, 2011

Introducing Cookie

Cookie is the first doll I ever made.  I had checked out some books on the Waldorf philosophy of schooling and childhood, so of course the dolls were mentioned.  I drooled looking at the dolls on etsy, and knew I would not be able to afford one.  So, being the crafty lady that I am, I scoured the internet for tutorials and made my own using only things I already had in the house.  Now who knows why I had a small amount of stokinette tubing, but I did and indeed I used it!  My son loved him, and loved seeing me build him.
Today Cookie got a new pair of pants.  He's been wearing a dress that's a little too short lately and I decided maybe he'd like some pants.  I took an old knit shirt and cut the arms off and just sewed them together. The cuffs make beautiful already finished hems.  I just made a small casing and put in some elastic.  Plus, I still have plenty of material to make more doll clothes with.  I think Cookie might like having some options, and well I guess I might just want him to have some other outfits.

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Gordon said...

Good ol' long-legs-Cookie!