Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost Alabama...

Have I mentioned that I love the Alabama Stitch Book?  I think maybe I have here, and here.  Well now I am sinking my teeth into the second installment Alabama Studio Style, and have almost finished a project.  It's not a direct project out of the book, but I did use the pattern included and instructions from the book.  I just have a bit more stitching around the neck and I can wear this thing out and about.

Yes, that is the same fabric as the skirt I hope to complete before the end of this decade, it's from the sheets that were on the bed the first night I was a mama and had my little boy snuggled next to me.  Yeah, I can be setimental, I also have the sheets from my daughter's first night, and I think I may use them for a dress!  Yay crafting!

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