Monday, January 10, 2011

Something For Me

Most of the things I make are for others.  This year I completed a stocking for my daughter, made a doll for my son, sewed some kimonos for my friend's daughter, knit a scarf and hat for my sister and many others.  The projects for me usually get pushed to the side in order to complete the projects for others.  So, in this quieter period after Christmas (I say quieter because both of my children have birthdays in January) I have been stealing some time to work on a project for me. This summer I was really inspired by the Alabama Stitch Book and all of its wonderful handstitched jersey goodness.  So I started a skirt, that then sat and sat, and sat, moved across the country and sat, until just a short time ago I began working on it again! Skirt
So, here is the start of the first panel. I have quite a long way to go, but working on this really makes me happy in a way other projects have not. Maybe it's knowing that this has no timeline, that this is just for me... Well who knows when it will be finished but each bead is one little step closer.

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