Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Friends

I am having some difficulty making friends in my new town.  I feel this is happening for several reasons:
1. I have very little free time
2. I work Sundays so I cannot attend a Church in which to meet people
3. At work I am in a room by myself and thus have not met people
I have attended a few knitting/crocheting groups, but really miss my Tuesday night group at Fancy Tiger as I am a fickle crafter  and am not always in the mood for knitting or crocheting.  There is a knitting group I really like, but I feel, a bit odd as there are only two other members and they have been meeting for several years.  They are both much better knitters than myself and they both love knitting socks.  I have never knit a sock.  Today during the kids' nap I ventured out to a yarn store and bought some DPNs and am decided to give this sock thing a try.  So wish me luck.

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