Saturday, April 02, 2011

Behind the Times

I have always loved crafting.  I started machine sewing and embroidery when I was still in elementary school.  Even seeking out teachers when my mother did not know how to do what I wanted to learn.  It was always something I did and never very publicly, I guess I was worried I might be seen as being even more uncool.  As I got older I learned many things from books and magazines, it is only now, literally this last month that I have realized all the amazingness that the web has to offer.  Yes, I've been on Ravelry for years, and I've been reading Soulemama for well over a year now, but sometimes I'm slow... I just started reading Sew Liberated and she mentioned Sew Mama Sew which I've been pouring over the last few days.  I totally want to make this shirt.  Plus on the Sew Mama Sew blog for April they are talking about PDF patterns... I'm really excited about it!  So look for lots more sewing (and probably less knitting/crocheting) in the coming month.  Oh and if you haven't been there yet you should check out

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