Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Fail Lemonade Recipe

Start off with a morning bike ride to the park.  Play until temperature reaches at least 100.  Have at least 1 child have a melt down at park.  Come home with 2 sweaty adults and 2 sweatier children. 

Put 2/3 cup sugar into a pitcher (easiest if scoop in sugar jar just happens to be a 2/3 cup anyway).
Pour warm/hot water into pitcher (I use around 3 pints).
Stir until all sugar is disolved.
Pour lemon juice from handy container in fridge until lemonade looks the right color.
Taste, add more lemon juice/sugar/water until it tastes right to you.
Add beautiful actual cube ice cubes from the Tovolo 80-12007 Perfect Cube Silicone Ice-Cube Trays, Set of 2, Dark Blue that were never used for the homemade organic baby food you meant to actually make.

Commence drinking wonderful lemonade that is so cheap and easy to make you will wonder why you ever bought the stuff in the bottle.  Just remember you will buy more premixed in the bottle and that's okay too.


Anonymous said...

Then make sure to give so much of said lemonade to your 3 year old son that he soaks himself and his bed during his afternoon nap, and then pees on the garage floor when he's hanging out with Daddy after his nap.

Another Heather said...

So, are you suggesting I rename the post to "Drink too much and make your bladder fail Lemonade Recipe"?