Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Dichotomy of Me

There are two parts of myself that I have at different times embraced:

There is the part of me that wants to live simply with the fewest amount of things.  This part shows up every few years when I decide I need to purge my life of something (say plastic when I was pregnant).  I get rid of many, many things.  I've never regretted any of it (except maybe that awesome vanity I gave away in highschool when I decided I wanted to be a minimalist).

Then there is the part of me that believes in thrift.  This part causes me to want to hold onto every item because maybe sometime in the future I will use it.  If I get rid of the item than I will have to buy another later.  I go through my years of hoarding.

These two parts of me are at war right now.  Since this house is smaller than the last, I have been having to gleen my belongings.  Deciding what should be out and what should stay packed has not been easy.  Once I have made the decision the live simply part has been informing me I should just give those items away to charity.  I've already packed them  into a box in the attic for the forseeable future.  Then the thrifty part is screaming at me to keep them because maybe in six months we will have broken the 10 juice glasses I left out and will need the other set.  You know why I own so many sets of juice glasses to begin with?  Well I'm guessing they were really cheap at a lawn sale...

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