Thursday, June 30, 2011

Frying Pan

I want to make a play kitchen for the kids.  So of course I need to make all the play food and accessories to go with it.  I was looking through Etsy last night and found this!  She also has lots of other neat patterns for food, and a mailbox playset.  I'm trying not to spend any money right now, so I didn't buy the pattern but tried to do it myself.  I'm quite happy with the look of the frying pan, I used cardboard sandwiched between 2 shallow crochet "bowls".  It was really the handle that gave me issues, I didn't think about how it would just hang like a doll's leg off the pan and not support it at all.  I don't have a solution to this problem as a bamboo skewer is not a safe part of a child's toy.  I may in fact just pay my 5 bucks and get the patterns for all the pots and pans.  Let someone else give me the solution. Can't say I didn't try.

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