Saturday, December 03, 2011

My Advent Calendar

Quite a few crafty mamas have blogged about their advent calendars.  Elsie Marley and Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy! are both advocating activity cards for each day.  As I child I only knew of two kinds of advent calendars, the flat paper kind where you opened a flap everyday to reveal a picture and this one:
2011-12-01 20.59.31.jpg
This is not the one I had as a child (that one is still at my parents) but an Ebay find.  They were made by Avon in the 1980s.  We moved the mouse from pocket to pocket, there were no candy or toys involved.  As an adult I was shocked to learn that most advent calendars had treats!  I never felt like my parents cheated us, I loved moving that mouse.  I am passing on this tradition, the moving of the mouse each day, and no other treat.  It's simple, easy, adds no holiday stress.  I remember that calendar so fondly that I can't imagine candy making it any sweeter.  Here's to hoping you have a wonderful holiday season, and that your traditions will be remembered fondly by all!
Now let the elving begin!

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