Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Elving

I'm really hoping there are others with the "There's no reason to buy it, I mean I can make that." syndrome.  So far I've learned I can make a lot of stuff, but most of it is time consuming and I figure out why it cost so much in the first place.  For example, I've seen all kinds of beautiful wooden toys on Etsy and in several catalogs.  I kept looking at them and wanting to buy a few items for my kids, unfortunately my budget kept getting in the way.  I decided to use the money to make some toys for them.  I'm pretty proud of them.  The pictures are just of the food items as I haven't completed everything yet.  I used poplar wood from a hardware store, my cousin graciously let me use his band saw and belt sander, I used glob paint, and made my own sealant from jojoba oil and beeswax.  I also bought a wood burner to make the lines on the toys a bit more rugged. 
2011-12-12 22.02.37.jpg
2011-12-12 22.02.58.jpg
I still have half of the wood I purchased uncut, and plenty of all my other supplies. I think there may be a few more toys coming. And hopefully a lot of cooking in my little girl's play kitchen come Christmas.

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