Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Friend Becky

I spent a bit of my lovely week in New York going through the boxes my parents have kept for me.  Some items I brought home, some items I threw out, and some I asked my parents to please keep for the time being.  I think I only have 4 file boxes left!  Most of what I brought home consisted of Dolls and Sewing patterns.  I found my mom's stash of stretch and sew patterns, and I think I may be buying and/or reusing a lot of jersey in the coming months!

One of the most exciting finds involves this pretty lady:
2011-10-25 20.17.37.jpgI remembered playing with the My Friend Dolls after reading several posts about them on various blogs.  I also became momentarily obsessed with having one again, luckily my parents still had this cutie.  I know we also had several outfits (I remember the ballerina outfit, the rain coat, and the jogging outfit) but alas they did not make it.  One of the cool things is that there were a lot of patterns made for these dolls.  I didn't only find stretch and sew patterns, I found a My Friend dress pattern too!  Now, to find time to sew...
2011-10-25 20.20.03.jpg

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