Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Popsicles in January

2012-01-29 12.19.32.jpgWhen my little man asked for popsicles the other day, I thought why not?  It's not like Texas is very wintry during the winter.  
We had all the ingredients, but I couldn't find my molds or toothpicks for the old standby ice cube tray trick.  After work the next day I stopped at a kitchenware store (oh, what a delight!  Good thing I stuck to my mission because there were so many wonders there).  Buying popsicle molds in January is not the easiest, but what was lacking in choice was made up for by the clearance price!  We now have new popsicle molds, and my little ones got to make their wanted treats.  
I like this recipe Banana Bluebery Swirl, I really like having the yogurt, but juice works perfectly too!
These are the Prepara Volcano 4-Piece Pop Set. They are a little bit finicky about popping out of the cups but if you place them in a very warm bowl of water for a minute or two they release just fine.  One thing that is a bit odd about them is they are hollow in the center.  At first I didn't like this, but since using them, I've discovered it cuts  the portion size down perfectly for smaller children. (This is just my personal view, I am not advertising for anyone.)

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