Monday, August 29, 2011


I am proud to say that this past week I created not one but two patterns!  The first is a doll pattern that I am still tweaking, but it is a pattern.  Drafted by myself onto paper to be replicated by me at any time I see fit.  The second is a simple bag.
I moved to Texas in October of 2010.  I was living with my inlaws and feeling very, well lost.  I decided I wanted to make my children Halloween candy bags, you know nothing fancy just a little bag.  Shall we say my sense of scaling was off?  I made 2 huge tote bags that we could have carried the children in, and neither of the children could actually carry.  So this year, back to the drawing board.  Here is one of last year's bags:
Just imagine a two year old inside it with a bit of room, you get the idea...
My work is having a craft fair at the end of September and since I'm crafty they asked me if I want to sell anything at the employee table. I'm a little panicked as I've never sold any of my crafts before. I'm also lacking capital to buy raw materials. Which prompted me to remake the bags, and with the extra material I would be able to have a few to sell. Just like that:

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