Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, almost a month ago (!) the family and I made a short trip to Denver.  Too short of a trip honestly.  I got to see some friends and have a bit of time.  The highlight for me of course was getting to go to the lovely shop of wonderment that is Fancy Tiger!  I had been holding myself back from buying all sorts of lovelies so I could buy a whole bunch of beauty there!  So without much ado my scores:

Can you guess what I'll be making this fall?  Have any ideas of what those fabrics need to be made into?  If you look to the far bottom left and far right in the fabric photo you will see my fat quarters of the limited 5th anniversary Fancy Tiger print.  I was one weekend too late to join in on the festivities, but thanks to an amazing friend they saved me some.  In case you hadn't guessed all of Molly's hair was purchased during this trip(with the exception of the brown which I did buy at Fancy Tiger just like 2 years ago!).  I know what you are thinking, the yarn purchases looks a bit on the small side right?  Well that's because in October I am going to Rhinebeck!  I fully intend to increase my yarn stash while there.

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