Saturday, March 09, 2013

Tank Top Love

Living in Texas means living in tank tops, at least for me.  And now I have discovered some amazing tank tops!  I've always hated trying to find a bra that I felt comfortable wearing under a tank top, it always showed in some way I wasn't comfortable with.  Shelf bras are a joke, they do nothing.  Here are my tank tops I am head over heels in love with:
2013-03-09 11.14.39.jpg
They have a built in underwire bra, see: 2013-03-09 11.15.08.jpg
You order them by your bra size. I love them so much! I wear them with cardigans and a scarf to the office. I wear them by themselves on the weekends.  I only have the two right now, but am waiting on four more to arrive anyday now.  Here is where you can buy them:  I bought the ones that are half off, the neckline is a bit higher than I would prefer, but the price is right.  If you do an online search you can find coupon codes for free shipping.  These are going to be the basis for my new wardrobe.  Oh ,by the way, do not put them in the dryer.

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