Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Purge

I started my closet purge last Saturday. While all the clothes I normally wear were in the wash, I went through and pulled anything that didn't fit, I didn't like, or for whatever reason I just do not wear.  I also went through my shoes.  I bagged everything and took it to the local thrift store that morning.  I was a bit surprised at how much clothing I was holding onto for no reason.  My mom told me I was brave, but really do I need to keep a dress I haven't worn in over 8 years?

2013-02-09 09.32.13.jpg
When the laundry was finished I moved onto Tim Gunn's closet sorting step, and took out all my "Soul Stirring" pieces. I only had five:
 2013-02-09 15.20.27.jpg2013-02-09 15.19.26.jpg2013-02-09 15.17.47.jpg2013-02-09 15.15.45.jpg2013-02-09 15.15.14.jpg
 Tim Gunn says to look at your pieces and see what your soul is saying to you, I guess I love cardigans, skirts and tank tops?  The tank top is one I made myself from an Alabama Chanin pattern.  It would be super easy to make more of those... The green skirt I also made myself from an XL t-shirt, inspired by Alabama Chanin.  This also proves to me even more that I am not in love with my wardrobe.  I am obviously keeping much more than these 5 pieces, but these are the ones that I truly love.

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